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The success of a beauty salon depends on a proper strategy that combines detailed analysis and innovative marketing tools. offers advanced solutions for managing, promoting and optimizing your salon’s activities, ensuring professional and automated service.

Agenda and Online Booking’ssmart agenda simplifies salon appointment management. Customers can make reservations directly from their smartphones, tablets or PCs, without having to call.

The customer can:

  • Choose from the services offered by the salon
  • Select the operator
  • Choose date and time from those available
  • Send reservation

The salon can:

  • Create and propose the services
  • Deciding on service priorities
  • Set the duration, laying times, and service workers

Try the booking! Frame the QR code from your smartphone and find out how online booking works.

Customer Management and Targeted Marketing

The importance of customer data entry is critical to targeted and effective marketing:

  • First name, last name, gender, phone number, email, medical history
  • Details of services offered and collaborators

Comprehensive customer data management allows:

  • A single page to speed up tax receipt issuance
  • Customer recognition at the entrance for a personalized service and product proposal
  • Linking with major brands of telematics cash registers

Customer History and Promotions offers a detailed data sheet for a complete client history, tracking products and tools used, hair type and steps taken. In addition, the customer history includes all receipts, outstanding payments, and important information, allowing you to:

  • Create and assign promotions, gift cards and subscriptions
  • Manage daily cash closures and cash fund control

Customer Address Book and Inventory Management

Customer address book records personal data such as phone number and email for retention and marketing. Direct connection between the company and the salon enables automated warehouse management and continuous updating of product lists.

Creating and Managing Expenses

To keep the business profitable and sustainable, it is essential:

  • Monitor, record, and analyze all expenditures
  • Create spending categories and subcategories

Analysis of Income and Expenses

Knowing the customer and monitoring revenue is critical for analyzing average fiche, marginality, consumption habits, and employee productivity. Periodic analyses provide a clear picture of income and expenses, enabling optimization of financial management strategies.

Communication and Marketing

An interactive website and careful management of SEO activity are crucial to success. It is important to set a monthly budget for Google sponsorship and keep social pages (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) updated with engaging content and periodic promotions.

WhatsApp integration

Use WhatsApp Business to confirm reservations, send reminders, thank-you notes, and request reviews on Google. Display a poster in the salon with QR code for easy access to reviews.

Landing Page and Performance Analysis

Landing pages capture consumer interest and ensure immediate and productive contact. Detailed performance analyses help identify areas for improvement and optimize operational efficiency, increase profitability, and improve service quality.

Monitoring of Costs and Resources

Monitoring costs and resources is essential for effective financial management. Assessing the average cost per cash pass-through and net operating margin helps to understand the profitability of the business and ensure that expenses are managed wisely.


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Take advantage of’s advanced solutions to run your beauty salon efficiently and professionally. Streamline your operations, build customer loyalty and reach new levels of success.