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In the digital age, salons are also evolving to offer increasingly personalized and professional experiences. has introduced an innovative technological tool to revolutionize salon consultation: the MicroCare, an app combined with an advanced microcamera for skin and hair analysis. Let’s find out how this solution can improve cosmetic product offerings and make counseling an effective ritual.

Mic-fi App and Microscope for Skin and Hair Analysis’s Mic-fi microcamera represents a quantum leap in scalp and hair health analysis. With different types of microscopes (white light, UV light, and polarizer), salons can perform detailed and accurate analysis.

Strengths of the MicroCare Solution


Through client selection, an operating menu with a variety of functions can be accessed. The microcamera, connected directly to the salon’s primary network, allows high-definition photos of the scalp and hair to be taken. These images are essential for accurate and professional assessment.


Once the photos are obtained, the app’s photo repertoire can be consulted for anomalies. This comparison allows salon professionals to more accurately assess the health of the hair and scalp, offering personalized and targeted advice.


The anomaly assignment feature allows combining different skin and hair anomalies with related technical notes. This helps to create a detailed and personalized treatment plan for each client.

Become a Salon 2.0 with MicroCare

Do you want to be recognized as a cutting-edge salon? With’s new MicroCare app, you get an innovative scalp and hair analysis tool.

Main Features
  • Microcamera with advanced web-connected technology: A state-of-the-art solution for detailed and professional analysis.
  • Effective marketing tool: With filters and image quality, you can use the analysis results as a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers and retain existing ones.
  • Product resale tool: Precise analyses enable the most suitable cosmetic products to be recommended, improving the sales proposition and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion’s MicroCare solution is not only a technological tool, but a real revolution for beauty salons. With the advanced microcamera and dedicated app, you can offer detailed, personalized and professional consultations, improving the quality of service and cosmetic product proposal. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your salon into a Salon 2.0 with!