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The Zer01 BarberShop in Rio de Janeiro chose Panema’s Pagest as its management software to streamline salon operations. We gathered feedback from one of the professionals at the show to understand how Panema is contributing to their success.

Web Agenda Efficiency

Panema’s web agenda feature has greatly improved the organization of work at Zer01 BarberShop. Handling reservations without having to talk on the phone has reduced interruptions, allowing staff to better focus on customer service. The ability to manage reservations online has made the process smoother and more efficient.

Multiplatform Usage

Panema has been praised for its ease of use on various devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The Zer01 BarberShop team found the software very intuitive, making it easy to access and manage daily tasks. Among the devices, the tablet was the most widely used, offering a convenient tool for mobile work.

Reporting and Analysis

The reports provided by Panema have had a significant impact on the salon’s ability to analyze and improve its performance. With detailed reporting, Zer01 BarberShop was able to make more informed and strategic decisions. Specific business intelligence reports have been particularly useful in monitoring business performance.

Marketing and Promotional Plans

Panema effectively supported Zer01 BarberShop in creating and managing marketing campaigns and promotional plans. The ease with which various marketing strategies can be selected and implemented has simplified the process, enabling the salon to achieve its promotional goals effectively. Among the most appreciated features is the ability to quickly analyze customer behavior, optimizing offers and promotions.

Integration with Printing Systems

Panema’s integration with printing systems has facilitated the daily management of communications and documents. Sending electronic receipts via WhatsApp has been especially popular with customers, improving efficiency and contributing to the salon’s greener image. This feature has simplified document management, making operations more streamlined and organized.

Customer Support and Assistance

Panema’s customer support was highly rated. The Zer01 BarberShop team appreciated the promptness and effectiveness of the technical support, which met all training and technical needs. This level of support allowed the salon to make full use of the software’s potential without any hiccups.

General Impact on Business

The adoption of Panema has contributed significantly to the growth of Zer01 BarberShop. The ability to analyze data in detail has enabled the salon to improve its performance and grow significantly. For this reason, the salon highly recommends Panema to other professionals in the industry, calling it a complete Hair and Beauty management system with step-by-step support.

In conclusion, Zer01 BarberShop’s experience with Panema software demonstrates how a well-designed management system can significantly improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth. If you are an industry professional looking for a comprehensive and reliable solution, Panema may be the ideal choice for you.